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I thought I was good at Tetris but having to make the required shapes while I try to survive proved very difficult :P. I only managed to do the smiley and the triangle. I think adding instructions about the shape-making part (Even in the Itch page, I know adding instructions in-game takes time you don't have in a game jam) would be great since it took me around 10 minutes to figure out what's my objective. Other than that, the music is nice, and this is all around a great entry!

thank you for playing! In fact, this is a chill game that takes time... see below groxar performance time. So in 10 minutes doing 2 pixel Art is fine. ArtyNeuron your pixel art expert explain you some stuff in the intro but I will add some words on the presentation page,  it could help some people like you to start. Thanks for the feedback!

New highscore! I'm invincible! D:<

Excellent, will be difficult to beat! Addition to the high score system done.  1 hour for 12 pixel art pattern is quite quick!  If you want to discover the remaining pixel art and messages, I recommend to play the desktop version that save and let you continue your progress.

To be honest you have made me happy with this flashback. Since from 90s i am a real tetris fan. i still have one hand held tetris hardware from the year 1999 which I'm playing everyday. So even if its another tetris I'm up to play :)
Cheers nice game. I also like rotation on the stick geometric shape. Normally it does not have any rotation in most of the tetris versions i played.

You are right with regards to the "not standard Tetris" proposed.  I have to make an update to comply more with ISO 9001 guide of Tetris   here :  that I discovered today. Thank you for the kind feedback!

awww Tetris... too bad I'm no good :( Great execution though. Went really nice with the music. 

Thank you! I agree, music credits are for excellent

So calm and pleasant experience, thanks for making such a game, I enjoyed making pixel art and playing tetris at the same time, I personally really really love game mixes <3

My best score:


Excellent ! Thank you  for playing, and providing such kind feedback. You will definitely appear in high scores! 

Is there a pause button?

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Thanks for playing! Pause key is "P".

Interesting choice of keys. I like the music.

Thanks a lot for playing, and yes  WASD are not good on AZERTY french keyboard :-)