No gravity but a lot of wind in that dangerous world for an egg!

As the god of wind you define the orientation of  wind that will influence the next adventure of your favourite egg!

Special adventures : 

Level 2 - Chicken / Duck illustration from my garden!

Level 5 - With the participation of many famous  libGDX dev/contributor 

Level 9 - Monaco, it's nearly the official F1 race!

Difficulty and speed increase with level.

Controls : 

see Help page in the game

Credits : 

"Music by Devynn LaShure, Echo Blue Music"

Other sounds  by Torr-penn

Graphical design : Torr-penn with a lot of help from gimp !

Versions : 

gow-0.0.2.jar add Music, star systems and remove the problem with next level

gow-0.0.3,jar  add some cloud pushed by wind  effect finally a working gwt version ! adding Level 9 "Monaco"  and buttons for phone/tablet  New Options and Help page maybe a more fair game depending on the device?

Game developped for the incredible libGDX JAM of september 2021!


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gow-0.0.7.jar 19 MB

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Simple. Easy. Good music. Great controls. Great Entry!!

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"Simple" is a very nice compliment for me, Thx! :-)

Wind, Gravity, its all the same really. You have to fight it to go where you want. Good work and I really enjoy the egg walking animation for some reason.

Thx bob, and yes wind force is like a gravity but not in imagination! :-) The egg work was made long time ago and I did not want to make a spaceship game so it was the perfect moment to use it!

Haha. nice, the egg character is funny :) Good physics by the way. I like the level design. Cool game :) 

Thanks 64kb - physics is powered by Box2D... It's magic how this library is helpful!

i love box2d + libGDX. Box2d is a mysterious world to explore..